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Gabriela Miklińska

Polish Translation & Editing Services




I specialize in the following areas:

• Personal Documents 
• Business and Commerce 
• Human Resources 
• Law   
• Marketing 
• Cosmetics and Beauty 

• Fashion and clothing
• Retail
• IT

My promise

If I am not the right person for the job, I will tell you.

Sample projects I have worked on:

• Insider Trading Policy, English to Polish translation

• ToU of a health services platform, English to Polish translation

• Company internal communications, English to Polish translation

• Cosmetic product data sheet, Spanish to Polish translation

• Statement of affairs, Portuguese to Polish translation

• Food safety training materials, English to Polish translation


Translation & Localization

Editing & Proofreading
Linguistic Quality Assurance



My name is Gabriela Miklińska. I am a native Polish translator and I provide translation services from English, Spanish and  Portuguese into Polish.

I am passionate about languages and multilingual and cross-cultural communication. I use this passion to help you overcome the language barrier and to convey your ideas. Whether you want to expand into new markets and win new clients, cultivate internal communication with your non-native Polish-speaking employees or have your marriage certificate translated, you can rest assure your project will land in good hands. I am a translator with over ten years of experience and I will be happy to help.



Polish translation servces

Years in business

Cups of green tea

Projects delivered



“Gabriela has proved to be an excellent professional always willing to collaborate with us. Remarkable ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. Looking forward to working with her again!”

- MLG International



How much will it cost?

Let’s say you have an employee manual you would like to translate into Polish. First, send the document to me for a detailed quotation and I will get back to you in one to two hours. Based on my experience, I can calculate how much time it will take me to research terminology, translate and proofread your project. My fee for translation with internal proofreading starts at $0.08 per word. To give you an idea, a 20-page Health and Safety Employee Handbook would cost between $490 and $560, and localisation of a simple website with 4,000 words would start at $280. I may apply an extra fee if you need a quick turnaround or if the format is challenging, like a scanned PDF.


  • A translation of a birth certificate would cost $25.

  • A 20-page employee handbook would cost between $490 and $560.

  • 5 pages of old handwritten notes would cost around $125

Each project quoted individually

Wire transfers and PayPal

You can pay in Mexican pesos, US dollars, Polish zloty and Euro

Minimum charge per word $0.08




Let's talk about your project. Contact me or request a free quote and I will get back to you ASAP.

+52 3312969958

Your message has been sent. Thank you!

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